Fine Jewelry

Fine and Sterling Silver... Gems

I have several design series as well as one of a kind work in my fine jewelry designs. I use PMC fine silver to create my relic series. I was inspired by my travels to create pieces that represented ancient  stonework relics found in ruins. I make sterling viking knit chains to embellish Murano glass beads found in Italy.

I have a series of wire wrapped earrings using 3mm fine gems in their construction. The ones to the right are my wave design earrings done in many colors. I create fine silver flowers with gems.  I also have a wide range of sterling silver chain mail designs in earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Check out a slideshow on the next page to look for more pieces in detail. 

Metal Clay Jewelry

‚ÄčI enjoy creating beautiful jewelry from fine silver, bronze and copper clays that are sintered to become fine metal jewelry.

Chain Mail Jewelry

Each piece of chain mail jewelry is individually crafted with the highest precision.

Gem Designs

I love to work with semi precious and precious gems. Their natural quality inspires my work

Evecreate Original Designs